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2020 has been a whirlwind, and I, like many, have been hunkering down and isolated from many of my loved ones. Looking back, I realized that while I would have loved to share my life with people, I am an innately private person. I have never managed to start a public blog because I am still learning how to share without oversharing. This fortnightly letter will allow me to do both.

In these letters, I share about my life in Japan, reflecting on past experiences and discussing the present and future. I also give short commentaries on recent news in Japan, and highlights of things that I have been obsessed with. Some examples of topics on past newsletters: Onsen trips, junk food ranking, COVID vaccines, cats. For a sneak peek at a letter that I have sent in the past, click here.

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Love, Pea 

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#15 - living and thriving


What a good read! Very insightful! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and snippets of your life! Feel so nice to be connected, thanks for sharing with me!

Love reading these, it's such a lovely idea and way to connect. Thank you for writing them with so much care.

Pls keep your newsletters long! I love reading them and I want all the deets!